Monday, May 2, 2016

11 years

Kory and I got to celebrate 11 years of a wonderful marriage a few weekends ago. We are so lucky to have eachother. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Trip to Albuquerque

On April 1st we had a chance to go to Albuquerque so Kory and I could attend the sealing of Wesley and Katryna to their 3 beautiful daughters! It was such a special experience. That night we went to uncle Dave's house to spend time with all of our family. I miss spending time with all of us together. 
The next day we went visit grandma and grandpa Hanchett for a little while. Then we went and spent a few hours at the zoo. We rode the carousel, saw lots of animals and had a picnic lunch with everyone. 



Saturday, March 26, 2016

Day Two

Day 2 on our quest for a 4h pig. We started out around 9:30 from Alamosa. We got to Trinidad around noon and stopped for lunch. We drove through a blizzard the whole way there and the roads were horrible. We were glad to stop for a little rest. 

After that we left for Pritchett, and Crane Farms. The roads there were pretty good, just wet. We had planned to stop for gas in Trinidad but we didn't see a gas station on our way out of town and I thought we were good on gas. We got lost on our way to the farm but we finally made it and picked out a pig. Kory was in hog heaven. I could have sworn he was drooling at the sight of these pigs. When the handler went to put the other pigs up Kory said "her butt just refuses to quit!" I couldn't stop laughing. 

This is Chewy, an 18 week old Hampshire pig. 

We started back to Trinidad and the roads just got worse and worse till we were in a huge blizzard! And right then we ran out of gas. We had no idea what what to do and I felt horrible about the whole thing. Kory decided he was just going to try to walk. I gave home my jacket to put over his and off he went. 2 things really worried me. We weren't really pulled off the road because the snow was so bad, I was afraid someone would hit us in the car. I was also worried that someone would hit Kory or that he would freeze or he would get hurt another way. The girls and I decided to say a prayer. As soon as we got done I heard a tractor trailer coming. It passed us and I noticed it didn't have a trailer. Then I saw something wonderful, he pulled over for Kory, who was about a 1/2 mile away by now. Then I saw it come back and Kory hopped out and said the driver said that he would tow us into the next town. It was the best news I'd had all day. They hooked up the tow chain and it was very short. Probably less than 7 feet between us and him but we started on our way. The roads were horrible and I thought we might go off the road a few times. Also we couldn't keep the windshield clear of ice and snow so it was very difficult to see most of the way. I needed to be able to see when we should apply the brake so that we didn't his the semi. It was a very stressful 45 minutes. But eventually we made it to a gas station thanks to a truck driver named Shane. After that the roads seemed easy-peasy. They were ice packed but we made it safely. Instead of trying to go over another mountain pass late at night in the snow, Grandma Frank paid for another night in a hotel for us. We had to sneak Chewy in with us. But she was the quietest pig I've ever met. 






Friday, March 25, 2016

4H Pig Trip

This weekend we are on our way to pick up Penny's first "real" 4H swine. We are going to Pritchett, Colorado to buy a pig from Crane Pig Farms. I made all of the arrangements, Kory thinks I'm crazy but that's ok. Today we went to Alamosa. We will go the rest of the way tomorrow. We only brought Lila and Penny with us because we had my parents Jeep and everyone couldn't fit. We offered to bring Addy too but she said she would rather stay with Grandma Frank. We've had fun so far. We stopped a few places on the way. 

An old church in Pagosa Springs. 

We stopped and took a picture with Biggin in South Fork. 

We checked out the Old Spanish Trail. 

Then we went to the Colorado Fator Farm. It was pretty fun, even if the cages for the Alligators looked a little sketchy. We really enjoyed ourselves. 

Next we went over to see the sand dunes. We had a lot of fun. Kory and the girls even rolled down a couple of dunes. After that we were pretty tired so we went back to swim at the hotel and rest for the night. Tomorrow we got the rest of the way to Pritchett and then we have to drive the whole 7 hours back home.